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(Strips by Flaming Moose 2001.)

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A Flaming Farewell

These are the Life and Time of Alces Flagrare. He is a moose, he has friends. His friends aren't moose. For some odd reason, he is a flaming moose. And his comics are damn funny. God help us all. ^_^ -Philip-

Flaming Moose's description of his comic!
Many comics are based upon the artists lives. Some even take it far enough as to name their characters after real people.

I'm taking this one step further. 

Alces Flagrare is my life. This is the crap that happens to me every day, nearly word for word. All the characters are real people and this is how they actually are. 

There's Leroy, the alien. He's very intelligent and a little self-centered, so the large-headed alien came naturally. 

Then there's Tofu, resident Anime-freak. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Believes PS2 is God's gift to man. 

And Harry, the basketball. He's a freshman. 'Nuff said. 

Brit's the knight. He's about as "cool" as my friends come. Thank God. 

Gonzo is my brother. I may have some copyright difficulties later, 'cause he looks like the Muppet. Gonzo is actually short for Gonzales. there's an interesting story behind that, but I won't go into it now. 

DQ. He has no head. Why? You figure it out. 

Peterson is the most "normal" of my friends. Thus, he is drawn as normally as I can. Now you see why all my characters are...strange.

Gleason changes based on his current obsession. Had I put him in an earlier strip, he would have been something from Everquest...now he's a Counterstrike terrorist. Whoohoo. 

And then there's me, Alces "Al" Flagrare. Guess what! I'm the Flaming Moose! Naw...really? 

names changed to protect the guilty

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